About us

In 1935, the young stonemason Otto Kapraun from Großostheim founded a crafts enterprise in the former parental barn.

Together with five assistants, stairs, window ledges and of course tombstones were crafted. Later on, Otto Kapraun leased an estate near the train station and built the first factory work floor. Already in 1951, they moved into a new Production hall of 30 meters length. A crane construction at the hall now enabled the effortless transport of the heavy work pieces from one workplace to another. The business developed speedy, so in 1954 a new building could be entered. The office and the rooms for the employees, the scripture hewer- division and the gate as well were ready to launch.

The two sons, Erwin and Günther Kapraun likewise learned the stonemason- and sculpturecraft. Both of them passed their technician- exam and the examination for the master craftman´s diploma and joined the fatherly business. By deligance and entrepreneurial farsightedness, Erwin Kapraun was able to develop the business to its actual dimension.

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Since 1991, the son Klaus Kapraun, Stonemason and mechanical engineer, carried on the History of the Stein Kapraun GmbH in third generation.

Trough the purchase of modern stone treatment machines, the diversity of scopes for design in the tomb sector could be extended. 

In the year of 2011, Junior Kai Kapraun passed his examination for the master craftman´s diploma with great success. The continuance of the company Natursteinwerk Kapraun GmbH thus is assured.

Klaus Kapraun and his team persists of 16 assistants an specialized in the production of tombs. To obtain the craft of the stonemasons, we frequently educate apprentices.

Our true thanks to all our customers who repeatedly challenged us by their animation and claims: Merely through your faith in us we were able to grow.

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